Nation1 Accelerator Batch 2021
Applications will be open from 1.9.2020
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From Local to Global.

Got a brilliant idea?

Our founder friendly program is designed to match your vision with all the tools you might be missing. With us, you will do more, do it better and do it faster.


Need to boost your project?

It is time to speed up your startup with smart capital. Our full-stack venture firm will help you to reach a supersonic execution.


What WE do

We have years of experience and lots of success stories within our team, both in our region and abroad. We have co-founded, managed and invested in companies like Spaceknow, Mint AI, Daytrip, Gjirafa, Cognitive Security, Oradian, Codasip, ClickBus, Carismo and many more.

At Nation 1 we focus on pre-seed and seed investments between 20K up to 1.5M Euro for companies active in the Czech Republic and aiming global.

Let's turn you into the next success story!

Marek Moravec
  • Marek Moravec
  • Managing Partner
Jaroslav Trojan
  • Jaroslav Trojan
  • Managing Partner
Petra W. Končelíková
  • Petra W. Končelíková
  • Partner, MD of Acceleration
Martin Bodocký
  • Martin Bodocký
  • Technical Partner

Nuts and Bolts

International Mindset

In our team, we all have worked hard, built businesses and lived around the world. We are not afraid to take the necessary risks and step regularly out of our comfort zone. We support our startups to forge ahead and explore and learn, turning those learnings into financial gains.

Global Network

The power of our network is immersive. We have connections to leading investors across the globe, access to major corporations, experts from various markets and industries and other relevant thoughtful leaders.Together, cumulatively, we have built our network for almost 30 years of our entrepreneurial lives. Now, you can take advantage of it.

Czech ESIF Fund of Funds investment platform is an initiative created by cooperation between the Czech Republic and EIF. It is financed by the Czech ESIF Fund of Funds under the European Union / European regional development fund, the EIF and private investors, with the objective to facilitate access to finance, mainly to SMEs, by developing the venture capital/private equity for companies operating in the Czech Republic in cooperation with selected financial intermediaries.